Today as I was sitting at my desk, something just outside of the window caught my eye. As it turns out, a spider had built a web across part of the window, and it was being pulled this way and that in the wind. For whatever reason I was completely absorbed in the beauty of it; I simply could not pull my gaze away. It fluttered and billowed in the breeze, clinging tenaciously to the window frame, shining crimson in the light from the sunset. I find it stunning that such a simple thing can be so achingly beautiful.

I found myself wondering where the little creature was that had created such a masterpiece, even though it was simply two or three threads. Then I wondered why it was only two or three threads. Perhaps it had found what it had believed to be a prime building site to be a horrible foundation. Or perhaps it had just retired for the day. But for whatever reason, I became completely absorbed in my observations.

Enjoy the simple things in life. Get absorbed in the beauty of what is already around you, not some man-made unnatural thing. Look up at the stars at night and take in the feeling of being so very small, admire the glint of the sunset on a spider’s web, soak up the warm rays of sunshine in the summer and listen to the silence brought on by falling snow in the winter. Beauty is all around you – you just need to open your eyes and look.


~ by Rckrgrl on January 15, 2010.

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