Friends are just plain awesome. They can make a horrible day seem so much better, no matter how bad that day may have been. Each friend has their own way of doing so, and their own different effects. Some make you laugh and forget about the pain for the moment, while others make you ponder the world around you, while still others are simply enjoyable to be around. Yes, friends are just plain awesome.

Why do I bring up the subject, you ask? Well, my day started off pretty bad. I discovered why they put out those “Caution: Wet Floor” signs. You slip. In front of the entire lunch crowd at school. And fall flat on your face. Okay, I landed on my side, but that’s beside the point. I ended up hurting my wrist pretty badly.

But then I got home and my friends decided they wanted to go out for sushi. I got invited, and of course I agreed. I absolutely love sushi! What started as three people sitting at the sushi bar soon grew to four and then five. Needless to say, we became intoxicated simply on one another’s company and began to laugh hysterically. I completely forgot about how much my wrist actually hurt, and began to focus more on enjoying myself. It made my day so much better, and though I will never forgetting slipping and falling in front of so many people, neither will I forget the night out for sushi with my friends.

Now that’s a miracle… the things a simple friendship can do.


~ by Rckrgrl on January 15, 2010.

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