If I Am Wrong

Today I had a religious debate with one of my friends, and I said something that threw him off. In response he tilted his head and asked “are you a Christian?” I laughed and imformed him that no, I was an atheist. He said “oh, so you believe in a higher power, but not God?” I set him straight, saying that atheists do not believe in any higher power at all. I could tell that in that instant his opinion of me plummeted.

When I mentioned this to another of my friends I said that I didn’t understand why people were so surprised when I informed them of my beliefs. Her response was “I think that most people don’t think that anyone is capable of being a moral and overall nice person without a religion.” Unfortunately, I agree with her. I’ve even had people who ask me how I do the right thing and how I can possibly make good decisions without a religion. Most don’t believe me when I say that I simply follow my instincts, a moral compass if you will. If I’m going to do something and I get a bad feeling about it or I feel like it is unwise, I simply don’t do it unless I have no other choice. I have my own personal standards, and I cannot stand disappointing myself or others. It’s simply who I am.

I just wish that people would be more accepting of other peoples’ beliefs. They don’t have to agree, they just need to understand and be respectful. Is that really too much to ask?

If it is, think about this: Recently, several students were sent home from school for wearing shirts that said “Islam is the Devil.” Some of you might be saying “oh well it’s their freedom of speech, they have every right to wear that.” Imagine if someone came in wearing a shirt that read “Christianity is the Devil” or “Judaism is the Devil” or “Atheism is the Devil” or any number of the other religions in existence. Would you be so nonchalant then? Or would you be angry and feel personally victimized?

When my religious friends get into a debate with me and some of my other agnostic/atheist friends, they feel personally persecuted and shunned for their beliefs. They tell me that I couldn’t possibly understand that feeling. I find this absolutely ridiculous… I go through that every single day of my life, everywhere I go, everything I do. People need to learn to open their minds more to the religions of others. For all I know these religions are true, but I will not believe something simply because I am afraid it might be true.

If I am wrong then I am wrong.


~ by Rckrgrl on January 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “If I Am Wrong”

  1. I completely agree. I’m an atheist in high school as well and I must say the amount of intolerance is astounding. I try and not raise debate unless I feel that do not understand what I believe in or I’m feeling extra sarcastic.

    This was very well written by the way!

    • Same here. It’s just not worth the fight most of the time unless, like you said, I’m feeling sarcastic or I feel they need to understand. And thanks for the compliment!

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