Today, as I was walking down to get the mail, I began to contemplate all of the people living in my neighborhood. I figured that most neighborhoods have similar dynamics. There’s the friendly and yet reclusive man down the street, who comes over occasionally and offers you a beer. The families that don’t quite fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, for one reason or another. The families that are close friends, their children playing together every day. The mysterious neighbor who works the night shift and arrives home right as you are walking to the bus stop at seven in the morning. The handful of teenage girls who compete for babysitting jobs. The creepy person who lives at the end of the street. And then of course the families you only recognize by the dogs in their backyards or the cars in their driveways.

What I’m trying to say is that no matter how different we all may seem, whether we live in the “rich” neighborhoods or the “poor” neighborhoods, we all have our similarities. We will always recognize the differences between us and our neighbors, we will always observe and gossip about everything that is going on in our communities. Sometimes it’s whispered about how a drunken husband beat his wife, and sometimes the neighbors all gather around and wonder why an ambulance, a firetruck and two police cars are parked in front of the house on the corner. But in the end we are all much the same.

So if we really are so very similar, why do we treat others differently simply because they look different, or because we are rich and they are poor? Doesn’t there seem to be something so very wrong about that? We’re all people. People with hearts and minds, with blood pumping through our veins and breath in our lungs. We think, we feel, we love. That’s all it really comes down to, after all


~ by Rckrgrl on January 15, 2010.

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