Something Out of Nothing

This coming Tuesday President Barack Obama will be broadcasting to schools nationwide about how important education is. This has caused a huge controversy – some parents are refusing to allow their children to go to school on that day and are saying that ‘politics should be left out of school because religion is left out of school.’ First of all, school is GOVERNMENT RUN, meaning politics are a part of school. I should know, I am currently a student. Personally, I’m wondering how telling kids that working hard and becoming educated is bad. By telling them this, don’t you think that they are less like to try? And what really gets me is the fact that all of these parents themselves worked hard and tried in school to get where they are now. Education is a driving factor in our society.

Plus: Barack Obama was elected our president… key word, elected. American citizens voted for him; he is our president. I’m not saying that we should follow everything he says exactly, but I’m saying that he does happen to have authority, he is our leader, and he is simply playing the role of the leader and trying to get our youth educated. It is simply ridiculous that people are creating a controversy out of our president promoting education. It should not be a controversy at all! Ask yourselves this: if it were George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or perhaps even John McCain giving this speech, would people still be reacting this way?


~ by Rckrgrl on January 15, 2010.

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