You Misspelled “Misspell”

You know what really drives me crazy? The fact that many people seem completely incapable of spelling. Common misspellings:

1. Bored (spelled board)

2. You’re (spelled your)

3. Your (spelled you’re)

4. Too (spelled to and vis versa)

5. Misspelled (spelled mispell)

6. Then (spelled than and vis versa)

7. Lose (spelled loose and vis versa)

8. Their, They’re and There (one is substituted for another)

9. Effect and Affect

10. Except and Accept

11. Weather and Whether

12. Things you should know how to spell (your name, your state/country, and ‘the’ are all good examples)


~ by Rckrgrl on January 17, 2010.

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