What I’m planning on writing about today is something that most “open atheists” should be very familiar with, and that is the subject of assumptions. As many people (non-religious and religious alike) know, other people will make assumptions about you based on your religion or lack thereof.

The most common assumption when it comes to athesits is that we all agree on things, feel the same about things, etc. when in fact that is extremely untrue. In general the only thing atheists have in common is that we are not theists (Get it? A-theist?). Some atheists simply say they don’t subscribe to a higher power while some get specific and say they don’t believe in God, but may believe in something else (which confuses me, personally, but hey to each his own).

I myself am typically bombarded with questions about the Big Bang Theory, evolution, natural selection etc. Honestly, I don’t know enough about any of this to provide comebacks or even attempt to defend myself. One person even had the nerve to ask where women came from… luckily a good friend of mine heard and informed this person that technically we all start out as females. I have started to feel so ill equiped that I have ordered and am going to read Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (just as a side note I am also planning on reading the Bible… I tend to get a lot of “if you’ve never read it how can you be opposed to it?”).

People also have a tendency to assume that atheists “have no morals” and are mean-spirited people. Honestly, many of the people I know (that I haven’t told about my atheism) are under the assumption that I am Christian. The looks on their faces when I tell them I am atheist are absolutely priceless. It still shocks me how shocked they are.

I think that atheists as a community don’t need to prove that we really are good people, we just need to be good people. DoGooders-Be the Change!


~ by Rckrgrl on February 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Assumptions”

  1. Keep reading and learning.

    It is ok to have ignorance on a subject that science has proven to be true. Someone else has done that heavy lifting. The next time you get asked one of those questions you might refer the questioner to the public library.

    Another thing, you don’t have to defend yourself. People that make supernatural claims have the burden of proof on them. For example, if I said that a teapot (Russell’s teapot) was circling the Earth the burden would be upon me to prove it. Logically, I could not require some to prove the teapot wasn’t there to falsify my claim.

    BTW – I found this post w/tag surfer

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