Thirty Things

1. When I’m nervous I have a tendancy to tuck my hair behind my ears.

2. I like silver more than gold.

3. I want to become an editor at a book publishing company.

4. I want to publish a book someday.

5. I wish I could fly. I don’t think I’d ever come down.

6. If dragons existed, I would befriend one.

7. I want to live in New Zealand.

8. Before I die I want to learn how to swing dance and salsa.

9. I want to own a ranch with lots of horses.

10. I hate big cities.

11. I love calla lilies, water lilies, morning glories, lilacs, cherry blossoms, anemones and orchids.

12. I love taking pictures.

13.  I eat tomatoes like they’re apples.

14. I want to own a spaniel.

15. I think it would be really fun to make a funny YouTube video with my friends.

16. is my favorite number.

17. French silk and cherry pies are the best.

18. I love the smell of the pages in a brand new book.

19. I love the smell of wet cement, evergreen trees, freshly cut grass and lilacs.

20. I love dangly earrings.

21. I love the silence that descends when it is snowing.

22. Wolves are my favorite animal.

23. I love the sound library books make when you open them.

24. The thought that space could go on forever frigtens me.

25. So does deep water.

26. And really big storm clouds.

27. I love the look of footprints in the sand.

28. I love black and white pictures.

29. I love fantasy novels.

30. My favorite book of all time is Marley & Me.

But above all else I love the feeling of air in my lungs, the steady beating of my heart and the insistent, never-silent thoughts humming in my head.


~ by Rckrgrl on February 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thirty Things”

  1. I like the smell of new books too… I thought I was the only one

  2. Haha I’ve heard a lot of people like it, actually. It’s probably the best smell in the world 🙂

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