Random Venting

Have you ever just been in one of those moods where you’re sad and stressed, and everything that goes on around you just makes it even worse? I have, and I am currently in one of those moods.

The reason I’m stressed: State assessment programs are currently going on at my school. Three hours straight of filling in a stupid little booklet and writing essays about why vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream. Yeah, sure they get my school federal funding, but because students know it doesn’t count as a grade (well, it does now but they still don’t really care) they don’t even try. It’s pointless, if you ask me. Wasting money, time, and trees. Plus all of my teachers have assigned projects and tests during this week… you know, the kind that have the biggest effect on your grade. Last night I was working on a small project for Chemistry and messed it up about three times and had to restart. Eleven o’clock at night + redoing a project for the third time + being stressed from testing all day = meltdown.

The reason I’m sad: I have the chance to actually go somewhere over spring break with my dad. Somehow I have the feeling that my mom (whom I love very, very much) is going to prevent that (because she loves me very, very much and as a result is extremely protective). Yet another spring break sitting at a laptop. Great.

Anyway, seeing as I wouldn’t be able to focus on my other Chemistry project without venting a little bit, there’s your random tidbit for the day. Yay…


~ by Rckrgrl on March 2, 2010.

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