He has woven himself a web of lies that even he can no longer see past. It wraps around him like a pall, clinging to his skin and scratching at him relentlessly. His mind begs for an escape, but his heart simply pulls the threads tighter about him until he can barely breathe.

I pull the cover from his eyes so that he might see, but alas, his heart just pulls tighter. Much though the lies pain him, he would rather face them than the truth. If I could free him of the web I would, but I know that it is too thick and only he can free himself. He too knows this, though he refuses to admit it.

He feels the trap, though not as well as I see it. He is afraid. He reaches for my hand, asking me to free him, and all I can do is look back with eyes full of sadness and shake my head slowly. His hand falls to his side and the threads reclaim it, his heart pulling them tighter and tighter.


~ by Rckrgrl on March 11, 2010.

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