Snow, Glorious Snow…

I always feel bad when it takes me a while to post. It just so happened that recently there just hasn’t been anything to talk about, until today that is.

We got hit with about a foot of snow (thundersnow, even!) and all of the schools are closed… but I was already on spring break. I wouldn’t mind so much if this didn’t happen during almost every spring break. Oh well. The worst part, however, was that we didn’t have power for much of the morning because of the snow, and just recently got internet back. I finally realized just how dependent we are on these things. It’s kind of pathetic when you really think about it.

Anyway, I’m just glad to have power again after running around the house with a miniature flashlight taking batteries out of all of the smoke detectors, because they wouldn’t stop chirping. Did I mention that we have ten-foot ceilings? Climbing up that high was rather frightening. I spent the rest of the time hanging pictures on my wall and teaching my little sisters how to play Egyptian Rat Screw. They’re surprisingly good at it.

I’m planning on spending the rest of the day just watching movies and relaxing… I doubt that my Great Gatsby homework is going to be getting done anytime soon, nor will the Calculus or history. But that’s okay. It’s spring break.


~ by Rckrgrl on March 24, 2010.

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