Myths About Atheism… Happy Atheist Day!

Happy Atheist Day! You may have noticed it’s on April Fool’s day. That doesn’t leave me with too nice an impression of mainstream society.

Anyway, I came across this list of common myths about atheism on another blog and thought I should share it (and my responses) with you.

1. Atheists are angry at [insert favorite god here].

Well seeing as we don’t believe in [insert favorite god here], how could we be angry at them? That makes absolutely no sense. It would be like saying I’m angry at Poseidon or Hades or Zeus. Why would I be mad at a mythical being?

2. Atheists are faking being atheists.

I’m pretty sure most atheists would tell you that they endure a great deal of hostility for their atheism. Why would someone pretend to be an atheist? We’re often treated awfully, and I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t want to put up with it unless they had to.

3. Atheists are immoral.

First may I just say that morality is defined by society, so for instance something that is immoral in the United States could be perfectly acceptable in another country. Second, if we are “immoral” then so are theists.

4. Atheism is Darwinism.

Those are two different things. That’s like saying a rose is a carnation. They may go well together, but they are certainly not the same thing.

5. Atheists think they can explain everything.

I’m sorry, what? I can’t explain everything. Nobody can, though some people (atheist and theist alike) think that they can. I make no claims that I know or can explain everything and most atheists I know would say much the same.

6. Atheists hold that life has no meaning.

Seeing as we (or at least I, because some things vary from atheist to atheist) don’t believe in anything after life, I should think that would give it more meaning. I see it this way: If I only have a hundred or so years to live, why would I waste it? I’m not suicidal, and I’m definitely not depressed. My life and what I do with it is very important to me. It’s the only thing I have that takes precedence over everything else.

7. Atheism = communism/fascism/etc.

I’m pretty sure that most (not all) fascist/communist/etc. leaders followed one faith or another. Doesn’t that contradict the above statement?

8. Atheism is faith-based.

How is atheism faith-based? Atheism is founded on reason and lack of “faith” as is used in that context.

9. Atheism is a religion.

Re-li-gion: -noun: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, esp. when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.

Atheists do not perform rituals, and definitely do not subscribe to a “superhuman agency or agencies.” I’m also pretty sure we don’t have a list of Commandments.

10. Atheism dominates the media.

Really? Is there an atheist news channel I can watch?  ‘Cause if there is I would really like to know the channel number.

11. Atheists are dogmatic.

Dogma is “a system of principles or tenets, as of a church.” Last I checked there were no atheist churches.

12. Atheists are militant.

So are theists. But not all of them. Same goes for atheists.

13. Atheists choose atheism to avoid moral responsibility for their actions.

I take responsibility for my actions. I just don’t need fear controlling me in order to be responsible.

I found this list at


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