You can hear the rain hitting your window and not in the soft cleansing way. It gives off a harsh rasping sound, feeling more like an emotional thrashing than an emotional cleansing. It feels as though you are being whipped for all of your mistakes instead of freed and forgiven for them.

Today you made no mistakes. Or so you thought. Thinking back you figure that you could name one or two. Your focus returns to your surroundings and the rain has only gotten worse. It claws at the window, scratching simultaneously at your nerves and now-raw emotions to such an extent that you get up and leave the room. But it is no use. The sound follows you everywhere until you finally give up, throwing yourself onto your bed and pulling the blankets up around your head to drown it out.


~ by Rckrgrl on April 25, 2010.

One Response to “Rain”

  1. Got to your site from Bing’s place (hjhop.blogspot.com) and this little piece of writing is just beautiful. Love it.

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