I am beyond sick of vampires. They were always lurking around in sci-fi movies or television shows, and I never minded that. I actually sort of enjoyed watching those every once in a while. But once the Twilight series came out it all went down the tubes. Now we are bombarded with vampires everywhere we turn. New movies, new television shows, TONS of new books. And it’s all because of this (*cough* mediocre) YA series. Not that it’s a bad thing to enjoy a book, I just think that this newly discovered societal obsession is annoying and just a little bit unhealthy. It’s a book about vampires, therefore it is unrealistic, and yet there are scores of girls now that are looking for their “Edward” in the belief that fiction can, in fact, become reality.

When I read the Twilight series I did my best to look past the flat characters and enjoy the storyline, but the fourth book shattered even that. Plus I found the books rather repetitive. Bella loves Edward, he loves her, he can’t be with her so Jacob tries to be with her, and she ends up still with Edward. In every book. Even in Breaking Dawn, which I really thought was weirder than the rest. But the fact remains that we are now being bombarded with images of vampires in every form of entertainment nowadays. Walking down the main aisle of Barnes & Noble yesterday nearly made me ill when I saw that nearly 3/4 of the displays were vampire-based.

In all honesty though, it’s nice that the kind of books I read aren’t the current obsession. It would feel less personal. I just hope the obsession doesn’t become more unhealthy than it already is; and if you don’t believe me that it’s unhealthy (mainly for relationships) then I dare you to visit


~ by Rckrgrl on May 9, 2010.

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