Today I want to write about something that has bothered me for a long time, and that is how my country views tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people die in some foreign country and we say how sad it is, maybe do one short news story on it and forget about it the next day. But God forbid one child in our country goes missing we have news stories about it every day. Mothers weep for the family and lament how tragic a story it is. Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture?

I understand that yes, this is something awful for that family to go through. They’ve lost a child, and that really is horrific. For them. It only directly affects them, whereas something like the earthquake in Haiti killed hundreds of thousands of people and left even more of them homeless. I simply don’t understand how we as a country can possibly think that one little kid going missing is so much more tragic than hundreds of thousands of people dying.

I’m sorry, but to me that just seems so very wrong.


~ by Rckrgrl on May 27, 2010.

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